Builders and Developers

We work with many builders and developers on their show homes, spec houses, and specific client builds, several of which have won Master Builder and Architectural Designers’ Awards. We understand each of their businesses and the parameters of the homes they build. This enables us to quickly respond and provide schemes that suit their build parameters and their clients’ needs.


Finishes for individual Clients

The selection of finishes, fittings and colours for your clients is often what takes up a lot of your time, as they aren’t sure what they want or what’s available, and you have a timeline to meet. Send your clients to us and we’ll help them get it right the first time, save both them and you time and money, and give them the look that they love, within their budget, that complements your design. We can work directly with your client or as a component of your design/build package.


Schemes for Developments

We can put together a scheme of all exterior and interior finishes and colours for a whole development. This is ideal for builders and developers who want a ‘tried and true’ solution for a reasonable price. No need to be located in the Wellington region – just send us your plans, answer a few questions, and we’ll send the specification and samples to you.