Creating Inspired Living + Work Spaces

The design team at Inspiration+Co welcome you to their all-encompassing interior and exterior design and colour consultancy.  We provide design solutions for a wide range of projects – residential and commercial, new or renovation, large or small.

Already have a good idea of the look you want?  We can add the final creative touch to bring it all together so that it looks just as fabulous as you imagined.

Not sure where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices?  We’ll help you define your style and vision, and guide you through the process so that you feel confident about your choices and create a home or workplace you love.

We’re innovative professionals who provide a high quality design service that will add value to your home or business. Our greatest strength is that we’re approachable and down to earth – we listen and will tailor a solution to suit you, your taste and your lifestyle.  

We’ve been around for over 20 years, have helped thousands of clients, many of whom have used us again and again, and have referred their friends and family.

Innovative Design

Keeping up with the latest materials and styles enables us to take our ideas to the next level.

Functional Spaces

The underlying philosophy is that the space must function well for those who will live, work and play in it.

Express Your Style

We love that all our clients are different and want to express their own individual look in what they employ us to design.