Flooring, curtains and blinds, furniture, art and accessories

There’s a lot to consider when furnishing your home, with so many product options and such a wide range of colours and designs.  We can:

  • Advise on layout and presentation. Lighting layout, furniture, accessories and art placement often make a difference to how a room feels.
  • Advise on which product or design would work best for your requirements.
  • Help you to select fabrics. We can access samples on your behalf, or meet you at the retail outlet of your choice to make the selection.
  • Arrange for reupholstering and upcycling of those furniture pieces you love.
  • Arrange quotes on your behalf.
  • Take you shopping – we know where to find those special bits and pieces that will complement your home.

Preparing your home for sale
Presentation of your home is key. We can help you with cost effective ways to make your home look its very best to ensure attractiveness in the marketplace.  After visiting your home you will receive a written report with our recommendations. We’re happy to help with purchasing and placement too.

Developers’ show home fit outs
With access to many furniture and furnishing suppliers, we are able to take the stress out of fitting out your apartment or show home.  Whether you have a modest or higher end budget, we delight in providing great looking furnishings that will make the house look a million dollars.