Colour and Finishes

“It is not the form that dictates the colour, but the colour that brings out the form” Hans Hofmann

Every surface inside and outside your home is a colour, and colour is the main contributor to the harmony and interior design of your home, play or work space.  The tints, tones and shades of colour, together with pattern and texture, are the key elements to the end visual look.  Nothing can work in isolation – all the parts need to work together to create an environment that looks great, makes you feel good, and functions as you want it to.

The amount of colour choice can be overwhelming.  On top of that your choice needs to fit with factors such as the materials to be used (eg  external cladding), your existing furniture and accessories, the size of the space, lighting – natural and artificial, and of course what the space will be used for.

What’s exciting is that colour can make such a difference to how a space looks and feels.

We will look at all aspects of your internal and external environment and develop your individual design style, colours and finishes for your surroundings.  Proportion and contrast are paramount and are key to the colour selection process – what to highlight and what to hide, and how they will work with the given space.  We have a reputation for effectively using colour, whether that be paint, wallpaper, fabrics or other mediums – see our portfolio for examples.

We stay informed of new trends and products, and we know what works well together.  We don’t have a particular ‘look’ that we adhere to.  Instead we identify what it is you want to create and what will suit you. For example, whether that is a neutral palette or bold contrasts, French provincial or New York apartment look, contemporary or classic, or whatever style you particularly like.  In a short space of time, we can demonstrate how colours and finishes will look so that you can easily make an informed decision as to what you would like in your home and how you would like the interior design to function.